First Online Hindko Radio Station

First online hindko radio station by

23 thoughts on “First Online Hindko Radio Station

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  2. Nice work i really like it becoz nothing is like haripur beautifull area

  3. Sallam to All,

    I know Haripur generation is very talented and smart just need to give chance to prove it, I really appreciate your such a nice effort, I’m here in Saudia Arabia and years and years unable to hear World sweet language HINDKO, with the great effort of you now I’m able to listen HINDKO Mahiye.

    Thanks a alot.

    Raees Khan Tareen

    • wadio tusan ko apni boli nal itna piyar he ty fer english non goli maro apni zuban wich gal karo bura na manayou mari gal da

  4. asslam o alikuam

  5. i am in the UK and i love my SOKA, my HARIPUR HAZARA
    i am happy that this station is active
    HINDKO is now almost finished – everyone speaks URDU == but HINDKO is our mother tongue- our roots

  6. Dear All,
    Its Good efort to get modernisation in distric & Other site As we need to think spicelly in socity In huri pur distric Incresing crime wich is showing mis managment and low in order satuation as well,

  7. MiR Hanzala Mushtaq

    GeO HariPur Hazara
    thanks for the creating site such as a Haripur Haazara

  8. sardar mushtaq ( haripur ka jageerdar)
    Raja Aamir (haripur ka dada)
    babar Nawaz khan (bigest car lifter & wood choor in haripur)
    omer ayub (haripur ka vote ka tekydar)

  9. Dear why you have not posted / updated site since long. Kee it regular please.


  10. I was thrilled to know about Hindko Radio. It refreshed me in Dubai. Live long Harpur Hazara.

  11. are sare bai mil kar pakistan ka kuch karo jee

  12. hi. i hope u and every one in my haripur will fine. plz update this site for news. it is very needful for us who r not there. If anyone other sited like this for news plz send me. thank for co-operaion. Malik Amir Ali from Turbat city

  13. Basharat Ali Tanoli

    Nice work.
    I am in USA. It was nice to listen to Hindko. Much maza aya ha.

  14. mahboob sultan

    suba hazara zinda bad kpk murda bad

    • mahboob sultsn ma b ap ki bat par atfak karta hun chako ek ba phr mil kar nara lagaty hain, KPK murda bad.

    • chalo mhaboob sultan ek bar phr dono mil kar nara lagaty hain KPK murda bab and hazara zinda bad.

  15. Saeed-Ur-Rehman

    I am Saeed-Ur-Rehman from Karachi.By cast I am Tanoli my parents had been came to here karachi in 1944.But my roots there in my home town specifically my village name is Kachi which is sink in Tarbela Dam Scheme.I want that my Hazra become a seprate province because we have different identity which is not match to other people so it is our right that we get our seprate province.Long Live Hazara.

  16. i love haripur. o khush raho hazary dy logo

  17. i love you haripur dy log. my village is gudwalian

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